Reps. Johnson and McCabe on governor’s ultimatum

Reps. Norm Johnson and Gina McCabe talk with KIHR about the governor’s recent ultimatum concerning the supplemental budget.  Jay Inslee announced this week that he will begin vetoing bills that currently await his signature if the legislature does not produce a supplemental budget by March 10.

Rep. Johnson implied he felt the pronouncement was childish, saying it is not unusual for the administration.  “The left hand,” he said, “doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.”  Johnson talked about Inslee’s style of leading, versus former Governor Christine Gregoire’s.  Gregoire, he said, would put negotiators in a room and advise them not to come out without an agreement.

McCabe, who talked about the move in an earlier radio show, said it felt as if her bills on the governor’s desk were essentially being held hostage.  She has two awaiting signature, one that would make it possible for staffing of sexual assault nurses in rural areas, and another a payroll bill requested by the Yakima auditor’s office.


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